It is not x-ray vision


I am an educator of sorts.  When a family hires me, it is usually a formality, you know, part of the process.  They already picture themselves in the home, furniture placed a certain way, bedrooms claimed by the kids, etc. Home buying for the large majority of people, (not house flippers) is a huge investment. There is a lot of trust from the family that I am going to make sure the house they chose is solid and safe. After all, this is a huge investment.  All I got to do is perform the home inspection and give a big thumbs up.  

As much as I like to educate, I love learning too.  I enjoy figuring out how things work and fit together and when something isn't working the way it should, I find out why.

I have a room that, depending on the season, is always warmer or cooler than the rest of my house.  A thermal camera is the perfect tool to find warm or cold spots. Plus it's also great for home inspections so, I went and got a FLIR camera.  FLIR uses math and science to trick cameras into allowing the user to see temperature differentials.  If you look at the above photo, you can easily visualize a heat signature in the upper corner of the bedroom.  This particular part of the bedroom is on an external wall.  

What has happened in this particular case, is the insulation was not properly fastened in the wall cavity.  Gravity has worked against the fiberglass mat insulation and now it sags a bit. As the sun warms the side of my house in the afternoon, the air cavity in the wall warms up.  The warm air in the cavity warms the wall, and the wall radiates heat and warms this room a little more than the rest of the rooms.  Case closed.  



FLIR cameras do not provide x-ray vision.  It will not allow me to see through walls or floors or ceilings.  But, if you have something going on, in those areas that is not right, I will be able to see the temperature difference and together we will get it figured out.  Call me for your home inspection needs.  If you'd like to find out more on how FLIR does the camera magic, check out